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科学技术是第一生产力。亚博科技配有全电脑自动测试设备,技术力量雄厚,管理先进.。公司本着“以科技进步创一流品牌,创一流产品”的发展方针,致力于为民用基础设施建设高效节能的照明光源。已通过ISO 9001,CE和SONCAP认证。2009年,雅博被评为福建省政府扶持的60家企业之一和接受“技术改进指导”的10家机电企业之一。2010年,新亚博在新厂投资2000万元,占地面积4万平方米(其中厂房面积2万平方米),以及国际领先的装配线,为亚博成为行业领军企业和进入全球市场奠定了坚实的基础。

YABO specializes in R&D, production and sales of generators, generator sets and silent generator sets. Founded in Nov. 2005, YABO has grown into a high-tech enterprise with a capital of over RMB 100 million and more than 120 employees (35% of whom have above college degrees). Its internationally advanced single-phase, three-phase, mutual-excitation and brushless generators, generator sets and silent mobile power stations are widely applied to the lighting power resource in cities and towns, farms and forests, mines, aquatic plants, hospitals, posts and communication, buildings, military industry, civil lighting, etc. The products are sold in 20 provinces and cities in China and exported to the EU, the Middle East and North America, receiving unanimous good comments thanks to their good quality. While making considerable economic profits, YABO gives attention to social and environmental benefits and became a leading enterprise in environmental protection.
Science and technology constitute the primary productive forces. YABO is fitted with all-computer automatic testing apparatus, strong technical force and advanced management. In the development policy of “Create Top Brand and Make Top Products by Scientific Progress,” the company aims at efficient and energy saving lighting sources for civil infrastructures. It was ISO9001, CE and SONCAP certified. In 2009, YABO was selected as one of the 60 enterprises supported by Fujian Provincial Government, and one of the 10 electromechanical enterprises receiving “Instruction on Technological Improvement.” In 2010, XINYABO invested RMB20 million on the new factory with an area of 40,000m2 (including a building size of 20,000m2), and internationally leading assembly lines, which made a solid foundation for YABO to be an industrial leader and to enter global markets.
Shouldering the task of offering high-quality products and service, YABO is committed to establishing a professional platform for research, production and sales of green drive. Centering on leading technology and driven by innovative spirit, YABO constantly develops green products in accordance with national industrial policies and provides more energy saving, eco-friendly, efficient lighting power source for civil infrastructures.


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